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Texas Hold’em is the king of fast play. Several
$1000 plus pots were played in less than a minute and ranged as
long as 6 minutes – the same range for the small stake tables. Over
all, the average length of an online Poker game today is just over
one minute or 50-60 hands per hour.

In higher stakes games, one thing is quite clear. There are a higher
percentage of tighter and aggressive players at these tables than at
the small stake games. That means there are more sharks at the big
tables and a much better chance that you will be one of the fish.
The smart thing to do here is to say away from these kinds of

Given the fact that the return on investment is lower at the high
stake games, that the average level of play is much more
aggressive and that a much larger stake is required, there is very
little opportunity to be a consistent winner on tables with $50 and
up blinds.

“All of the recent research points to $5/$10 Limit tables
as ideal combination of risk and reward.”

Insider Tip

FACT! When the average loose gambler loses, he or she keeps on
playing in an attempt to recover the loss. This is irrational and
unplanned play and can be very expensive.

Insiders Secrets To Texas Hold’em Poker Online by Theo Cage 62
On the other hand, when most innate gamblers win, they forget all
about their losses and conclude incorrectly that they have finally
learned how to win – or that their luck has finally changed.

They express what is an irrational optimism at this point – a totally
unfounded and undeserved optimism that keeps them in the game
until they revert back to a losing streak.
Sharks exploit this irrational playing style in gamblers to generate
a continuous income.

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